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German Songs ca 1570

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Class: voice
Composer: Regnart, Jacob and de Vento, Ivo
Type: Score
Editor: LPM RB 5
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: London Pro Musica
Publication date: 1977
Original publication date:
Binding details: Paper bound pp 24 three copies.
Selected and edited with notes on composers and performance, by Bernard Thomas. Suitable also for wind instruments (including crumhorns) ATT/SAT/TTB. With English translations of texts.
1.Ohn dich muss ich - Jakob Regnart
2. Mein mund der singt - Jakob Regnart
3. Merkt alle die in Liebes oeden - Jakob Regnart
4. Das ir euch gegen mir - Jakob Regnart
5. Nacht meiner lieb - Jakob Regnart
6. Jungfraw, ewr wanckelmut - Jakob R

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