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Madrigals and villanelle for three voices or instruments

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Class: voice
Composer: Anthology
Type: Score
Editor: LPM RB7
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: London Pro Musica
Publication date: 1978
Original publication date:
Binding details: Paper bound pp16 three copies
Three part vocal works for ATB/SAT also suitable for wind instruments (recorders, crumhorns etc) Selected from mid 16th century Italian sources by Bernard Thomas. With notes on performance and English translations of texts.
1.Vita mia, com'e spento quell'Amore - Giovane Domenico da Nola
2. Ahi, dolce sono - da Nola
3. Fuggit'Amore - da Nola
4. Io vivea com'Aquilla - Stefano Lando
5. Menado gli anni - Cesaro Todino
6. Tristo che gionge - Todino
7. A la mia g

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