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Ten Chansons for four voices (or instruments)

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Class: voice
Composer: Lassus, Roland de
Type: Score
Editor: LPM AR1
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: London Pro Musica
Publication date: 1977
Original publication date:
Binding details: Paper bound pp23 4 scores.
Edited with notes on music and pronunciation by Bernard Thomas from Le Roay and Ballard 1570 and 1576.With translation of French texts.
1. Petit folle
2.En un lieu ou l'on ne voit
3.Fuyons tousd'amour le jeu
4.Helas! quel jour
5. Margot labourez les vignes
6.Bon jour mon coeur
7. Quand mon mary
8. Si par souhait
9.Soyons joyeux
10.Trop endurer

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