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Twenty Dances (1613)

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Class: Ren. Ensemble
Composer: Widmann, Erasmus
Type: Score
Editor: Bernard Thomas
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: London Pro Musica
Publication date: 1977
Original publication date: 1613
Binding details: Paper bound, four playing scores
Twenty Dances for four instruments from Musicalischer Tugendtspiegel. Ed with notes by Bernard Thomas. Suitable for strings or wind (tenor parts in octave tr clef)
1. Margaretha
2. Johanna
3. Magdalena
4. Anna
5. Christina
6. Sibylla
7. Maria
8. Dorothea
9. Susanna
10. Rosina
11. Regina
12. Sophia
13. Barbara
14. Ursula
15. Agatha
16. Clara
17. Catharina
18. Euphrosina
19. Helena
20. Foelicitas

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