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The Turpyn Book of Lute Songs

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Class: Facimile
Composer: Dowland, Hales, Parsons, Jones and Anon
Editor: Rastall, Richard Ed
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Boethius Press - Leeds
Publication date: 1973
Original publication date: c1610
Binding details: Hard Bound pp 66
Introduction by Richard Rastall. Original in the Rowe Music Library, Cambridge.
1.Can she excuse my wrongs - John Dowland
2. Now,O now I needs must part - Dowland
3. Rest awhile,you cruel cares- Dowland
4. O eyes leave off your weeping- Robert Hales
5. Pandolpho: - Robert Parsons
(i) Pour down, you powers devine
(ii)No Grief is like to mine
6. This merry pleasant spring - Anon
7. See, see my own sweet jewel - Thomas Morley
8. Miserere my Maker - Anon
9. Sweet youth go bruise thy pillow- Anon
10. Seest not thou man today - Anon
11. Most men do love Spanish wine - Anon
12. Beauty sat bathing by a spring- Robert Jones

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