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Medieval Songs and Dances for Descant recorder

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Class: Recorder
Composer: Various
Type: Score
Editor: Coles, Graham
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Universal Edition
Publication date: 1975
Original publication date:
Binding details: Paper bound pp12
A collection of 13/14th century songs and dances suitable for descant recorder or other melody instrument.
1. Summer is icumen in (early 14th Century English)
2. Ductia (13th Century French)
3. Villancico (13th Century Spanish)
4. Estampie (13th Century English)
5. Winter wie ist nu dein kraft (Neithart von Ruenthal - 13th Century German)
6. La Septime Estampie Reale (14th Century French)
7. Saltarello (14 Century Italian)
8. Be M'an Perdut (Bernart de Ventadorn, late 12th Century French)
9. La Quarte Estampie Reale (14th Century French)
10. Lamento di Tristano
11. Vos N'Aler (Guillaume D'Amiens, early 13th Century French)
12. Amor Protest Conqueri (Late 13th Century French)
13. Trotto (14th Century Italian)
14. Bryd One Brere (Early 13th Century English)
15. La Rotta (14th Century Italian)

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