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Minstrels - Medieval Music to play and sing (Vol 1)

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Class: Medieval Ensemble
Composer: Various and Anon
Type: Score
Editor: Brian Sargent
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 1974, reprint 2011
Original publication date: c 1300
Binding details: paper bound pp 48
A selection of pieces to provide an introduction to medieval music with contextual information and illustrative material.

Gift of the editor.

1. Danielis ludus (The Play of Daniel)
2. Li Gieus de Robin et de Marion - Adam de la Halle
3. The Spicers Play & carol Nova Nova

Part songs
4a. Nobilis, humilis
4b. Edi beo thu
5. Ad cantus laetitiae
6a. Alleluia
6b. Rosa fragrans
7. Ave mater Domini - Walter Odington
8. Talent m'est pris
9a. Hey Robin - William Cornyshe
9b. Martinslied

Instrumental music

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