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Minstrels Vol 2 - more medieval music to play and sing

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Class: Medieval Ensemble
Composer: Various and Anon
Type: Score
Editor: Brian Sargent
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 1979 reprinted 2011
Original publication date: 1200-1400
Binding details: Paper bound pp 48
A further introduction to Medieval music with scores for 25 songs together with contextual information and illustrations.

Gift of the editor.

1. L'homme arme
2. Salve mater misericordiae
3. Si quis amat
4. Kalenda maya - Raimbaut de Vaqueiras
5. Verbum patris
6. Verbum caro
7. Me lykyth ever
8. Westron Wynde
9. Festa dies agitur
10. Elslein, liebstes Elselein
11. Des soltu clein geniessen - Konrad von Wurzburg
12. Douce dame jolie
13. Quant je sui mis
14. Como poden
15. Ad mortem festinamus
16. Ce fu en mai
17. Huic main
18. Hare, Hare Hye! Balaam!
19. Ave Regina caelorum - Guillaume Dufay
20. Echo la primavera - Fracesco Landini
21. Except from The Play of Herod
22. Samson, dux fortissime
23. Felix namque
24. Rompeltier
25. Welscher tantz

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