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Troubadours - medieval music to sing and play

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Class: Medieval Ensemble
Composer: Various and Anon
Type: Score
Editor: Brian Sargent
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 1974 reprinted 2011
Original publication date: c1300
Binding details: paperbound pp 40

A selection of eighteen troubador songs reflecting the scope and vitality of the genre with contextual information and illustrative material.

Gift of the Editor.

1. A la fontenele
2a. A l'entrade del tens clar
2b. Veris ad inperia
3. Au tans d'aoust
4. Bergier de ville champestre - Robert de Rains
5. Bergeronnete - Adam de Halle
6. Der Kuninc Rodolp - Der Unvurzaghete
7. Dy mynne ist gut - Reinmar von Zweter
8. Nu huss! - Oswald von Wolkenstein
9. Foy porter - Guillaume de Machaut
10. Fuget hodie
11. Omnes gentes, plaudite
12. Orientis partibus
13. O Roma nobilis
14. Prendes i garde - Guillaume d'Amiens
15. Quand je voy - atrib Colin Muset
16. Qui creavit coelum
17. Venite a laudare
18. Winder wie ist nu dein kraft - Neidhart von Reuenthal

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