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Ceremonial Music from the middle ages & renaissance

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Class: Medieval Ensemble
Composer: Various
Type: Score
Editor: Paul van Nevel
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: De Monte - Belgium
Publication date: 1978
Original publication date: 1300-1600
Binding details: Paper bound pp 38
Transcription for recorder (or other instruments) for 2-5 parts
Scholarly notes omited, with list of titles, sources and ceremonial background.

1. Gaude felix Fancia - Petronius? - (T/T)
2. En seumeillant - Trebot - (T/B/B)
3. La Alfinsina - Giovani Ghiselin - (A/T/B)
4. Advenisti, venisti - Anon - (A/T/T/B)
5. O redeptor - Giovanni Serragli - (A/T/T/B)
6.Viva el grand Rey Don Fernando - Anon - S/A/T/B)
7. Paduana & Gaillarde Joh. Stiffens - (S/S/A/T/B)

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