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The Penguin Book of Early Music

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Class: Anthology
Composer: Various
Type: Score
Editor: Rooley, Anthony
Catalogue Number: N/A
Publisher: Penguin Books
Publication date: 1980
Original publication date:
Binding details: 156 pages, paperback
NEEMF Ref: NEEMF/ Anthol/2
An anthology of vocal and instrumental songs and dances from the Renaissance.

Settings include lute transcription,song texts and translations, a glossary of terminology and introduction

How to use this book

1. Ich dreaghe de mutse clutse - Obrecht
2. La la Ho Ho - Isaac
3. Je ne fay plus - Busnois/Spinacino
4. Ostinato vo'seguire - Tromboncino
5.Pavana & Piva Ferrarese - Dalza
6. Hor che'l ciel e la terra - Tromboncino
7. Ricercare a 3 - Tiburtino
8. Setomi la formicula - Azzaiolo
9.La bella Franceschina- Pacolini
10. La Brillantina- Guami
11. Nerinda bella - Rontani
12.Virgo celesti - Compere
13. Belle,tenes moy/La triquotee - Anon
14. Las,je m'y plains- Sermisy/de Milano
15.Fiere cruelle - le Jeune
16.Mignonne,allons voir si la rose-Anon
17.Christ der ist erstanden- Judenkunig
18.Elslein, liebtes Elselein- Anon
19. Vitrum nostrum gloriosum-Forster
20. La spangna - de la Torre
21. Adoramus te,Senor- de la Torre
22. I love, loved - Fayrfax
23. Blame not my lute - Anon
24. Where griping griefs - Anon
25. Shooting of the guns pavan- Anon

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