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The Motets of Alexander Utendal

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Class: Vocal music
Composer: Utendal, Alexander, c1544-1581
Type: Score
Editor: Bossuyt, Ignace
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Almire - PBO 45.3990 Peer, Belgium
Publication date: 1999
Original publication date:
Binding details: 290 pages, hardback
A scholarly survey of the motets of Alexander Utendal, edited by Ignace Bossuyt.

Text in Dutch and English with forword, historical background, composer biography and critical comentory. Text and translations provided.

Two illustrations from the facsimile

Gift of Delma Tomlin

The Austrian Habsburgs and the Flemish Polyphonists
The Life and work of Alexander Utendal (1543/45-1581)
Sixteen Motets
Critical notes relating to transcription

The Motets
1. Plangent eum quasi unigentium
2. Iubilate Deo omnis terra
3. Ferdinande
4. Domine ne in fuore
5. Introduxit me rex
6. Oculi omniumin te sperant
7. Benedictus Dominus Deus Israel
8. In principio erat Verbum
9. Mors tua
10.O Domine multi dicunt
11. Fratres expurgate
12. Adesto dolori meo
13. Haec dicit Dominus
14. Ecce quam bonum
15. Respice in me
16. Infirma contemptum pariunt

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