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A First Harpsichord Book

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Class: Keyboard
Composer: Various
Type: Score
Editor: Igor Kipnis
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Oxford University Press -New York
Publication date: 1970
Original publication date: 17th - 18th Century
Binding details: Paper bound pp 29
An anthology of pieces for the new harpsichord owner with advice on repertoire and technique.
Each piece prefaced with performance notes.

Gift of John Milne

1.J.S. Bach - Praeludim No 1 in C maj (BWV 846a)
2. Anon - 17thC: The Nightingale
3. F Couperine: Les Vieleux,et les Gueux
4. J.S. Bach - Praeludim in G min (BWV 930)
5. Wm Byrd - Wolsey's Wilde
6. Pasquini - Three Arias
7. Handel - Forest Music
8. D. Scarlatti - Sonata in D min (Pastorale) (K9, L.413)
9. Daquin - Le Coucou
10.C.P.E. Bach - Solfeggio in C Min (Wq.117/2)
11. Rameau -Tambourin

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