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A First Harpsichord Book

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Class: Keyboard music
Composer: Various
Type: Score
Editor: Kipnis, Igor
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Oxford University Press -New York
Publication date: 1970
Original publication date:
Binding details: 29 pages
An anthology of pieces for the new harpsichord owner with advice on repertoire and technique.
Each piece prefaced with performance notes.

Gift of John Milne

1.J.S. Bach - Praeludim No 1 in C maj (BWV 846a)
2. Anon - 17thC: The Nightingale
3. F Couperine: Les Vieleux,et les Gueux
4. J.S. Bach - Praeludim in G min (BWV 930)
5. Wm Byrd - Wolsey's Wilde
6. Pasquini - Three Arias
7. Handel - Forest Music
8. D. Scarlatti - Sonata in D min (Pastorale) (K9, L.413)
9. Daquin - Le Coucou
10.C.P.E. Bach - Solfeggio in C Min (Wq.117/2)
11. Rameau -Tambourin

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