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Musical Instruments through the ages

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Class: Text books
Type: Book
Editor: Bains, Anthony
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Penguin Books
Publication date: 1973 (6th edition)
Original publication date: 1961
Binding details: 383 pages, paperback
A general history of musical instruments with glossary of technical terms and bibliography by various authorities. Illustrated (B&W) with 32 plates

List of plates
List of text figures
Editorial Preface & Acknowledgements
1.The Primitive Musical Instruments - Klaus. A. Wachsmann
2. The Organ - Cecil Clutton
3. The Clavichord- Thurston Dart
4. The Harpsichord, Spinet and Virginal - Raymond Russell
5. The Pianoforte - Cecil Clutton
6. The Violin Group -
(I)The Violin - David D Boyden
(II) The Viola - Kenneth Skeaping
(iii) The violoncello - Christopher Bunting
(iv) The double bass -Eric Halfpenny
7. The Fretted Instruments
(i) The Lute - Michael W. Prynne
(ii) The Guitar and Other fretted instruments - Albert Birch
(iii) The Viols
8. The modern development of the harp - Albert Birch
9. Ancient and Folk backgrounds - Anthony Baines
10. The woodwind - James A Macgillivray
11. The older brass instruments- Christopher w. Monk
12. The horn and later brass- R. Morley Pegge
13. Free-reed instruments - James Howarth
14. The Orchestral Instruments of Percussion- James Blades

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