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Preludes and Voluntaries for treble recorder

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Class: Recorder music
Composer: Anthology
Type: Score
Editor: Colwell, Rene
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Schott and Co, London
Publication date: 1949
Original publication date:
Binding details:
Edited by Rene Colwell from "Select Preludes and Vollentarys for the Flute ..." (1708). Contains 19 short pieces by various composers.

Preludes by:
1. Mr. Henry Purcell
2. Signor Nicolini Cosma
3. Signor Pepusch
4. Mr. Pepusch
5. Mr. Keller
6. Signor Albinoni
7. Mr. Corbet
8. Signor Torelli
9. Mr. Pepusch
10. Mr. Finger
11. Mr. Pepusch
12. Signor Nicola
13. Signor Ziani
14. Signor Pepusch
15. Arcangelo Corelli
16. Signor Gasparini
17. Signor Albinoni
18. Mr. Banister
19. Signor Hyme

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