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Seven Chorales

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Class: Recorders
Composer: Bach,J.S.
Type: Playing score
Editor: Carl Dolmetsch
Catalogue Number: NEEMF/B/134
Publisher: Universal Editions (London) Ltd
Publication date: 1957
Original publication date: c 1725
Binding details: paper bound
Arranged for two descant and two treble recorders.

Gift of Jude Brereton

1. Es ist das heil uns kommen her
2. Nun lob' mein seel' den Herren
3.Freu' dich sehr,O meine seel
4.Gloria sei dir gesungen
5.O,wie selig seid ihr doch, ihr from
6.Ernuntre dich,mein schwacher geist
7. Vater unser im himmelreigh

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