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Music in the Age of Chaucer (2nd edition)

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Class: Text books
Composer: Nigel Wilkinson
Type: Book
Catalogue Number: NEEMF/
Publisher: DS Brewer
Publication date: 1995
Original publication date: 1979
Binding details: Paper back
A general guide and introduction to fourteenth century music with 14 setting of Chaucer's text set to music by Machaut. and 54 illustrations.

List of illustrations
2. Italy
3. Britain
4. Chaucer
5. Minstrels
Selected Bibligraphy
Index of composers
Chaucer Songs
1. Hyd, Absolon,thy gilte tresses clere
2. Madame,for your newe-fangelnesse
3. To you, my purse and to non other wight
4. The fitste stok, fader of gentilesse
5. Som tyme this world was so steadfast and stable
6. Flee fro the prees and dwell with sothfastnesse
7. Madame, ye ben of al beaute shrine
8. So hath my herte caught in rememberaunce
9. This wrecched worldes transmutacion
10. Ther nis so comfort to my plesaunce
11. Ig no love is,O god,what fele I so?
12. Oh love, to whom I have and shal
13. I, which that am the sorwefulleste man
14. Now welcome somer with thy sonne softe

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