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Pastores quidam vidistis-choral music for Christmas

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Class: NCEM Workshops
Type: Vocal Score
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: NCEM
Publication date: 2014
Original publication date:
Binding details: 41 pages
NEEMF Ref: W/3
Six Christmas setting for 5-8 voices chosen by Matthew O'Donovan and Will Dawes (Stile Antico) for the NCEM Christmas workshop.

1. Est ist ein Ros entsrungen - M Praetorius
2. Mirabile Mysteium - Jacobus Gallus
3. Von Himmel hoch - Johann Eccard
4. Pastores quidanam vidistis - Clemens non Papa
5. Mass: Pastores quidanam vidistis - Clemens non Papa
6.In duci jubilo (a 8) - M. Praetorius

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