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Carmina Bk 2 Selected instrumental pieces for strings and wind.

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Class: Ren ensemble
Composer: Anthology
Type: Score & parts
Editor: Wilfred Brennecke
Catalogue Number:
Publisher: Barenreiter Kassel
Publication date: 1955
Original publication date: c 1550
Binding details: Paper bound score and 6 parts, alt and tenor parts provided in tr and ten cleffs.
32 four part pieces suitable for renaissance wind or strings. Edited with notes by Wilfred Brennecke from the Wolfgang Kuffer collection 1552-1560.
Vol 2.
18. Nur Leichtsinnig - anon
19. Frisch und frolich - Keutzenhoff
20. Hilf gluckh mit freuden
21. Pastorella - Anon
22. Gallicum quiddam - Anon
23. Gallicum - Anon
24. Magni commensalis: Galicum 1 - Heylanus
25. Ces veus chanter (Ces fach)
26. Amisso frou
27. Lemer est bon
28. Fortuna
29. Gallicum sine nomine - Jacques Arcadelt
30. Gallicum aliud - Arcadelt
31. A lume - Arcadelt
32. Smero Gallicum - Francesco Corteccia

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