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Remarkable Rock Orchestra

Over 30 young singers and musicians, aged 9 to 17, have come together to form a Rock Orchestra and Choir.

The orchestra features keyboards, drums, bass guitar, rhythm and lead guitar, violin and percussion and so far the members have tackled a variety of rock music - from Guns N Roses to Greenday, from Queen to Metallica.

Remarkable Rock is run by the Remarkable Theatre Company, which specialises in expanding participation in the Arts for young people in the Bridlington area of East Yorkshire.

 The feedback from the project so far has been fantastic and the young members have learnt a variety of skills - from improved sight-reading to better understanding of complex rhythms and chord progressions. In addition the group has created such a fantastic atmosphere of creativity and friendship that Remarkable are looking to Rock out again and continue the project after the summer.

Remarkable Rock was launched in January, running for a provisional 11 sessions, with a short performance at the end of March. The Orchestra is continuing with a further performance planned for May.