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Conference Feedback

Read the Feedback from delegate attending the Music for Life Conference 

'The conference gave me the confidence to try new techniques and ideas for future work'

'Two years ago I came to the conference and on the back of that Paul Whitaker came and shared his workshop with families and Deaf children in our area. Thank you for that - can't wait for the next conference!'

'All very eye opening, especially Dr Chris Barlow's talk on technology and its influence - hindrance and opportunities.'

'As previously very well organized and enjoyable'

'It was great to have presentations from so many different aspects of the subject and some lovely performances!'

'Charles Hazlewood was inspiring, relevant, visionary and humorous!'

'Excellent day - lovely atmosphere, very well run and great hospitality.'

'I have a renewed enthusiasm for what we teach our deaf children re music.'

'The deaf musicians' insight into learning music was great.'

'An inspirational day, networking useful and I hope to use what I have learnt in my practice.'

'I found Ali Harmer interesting and practical - I will try more 'music and sound play' with my pupils.'

'I enjoyed the day so much - it was an absolute delight to spend time with and be inspired by music for deaf people and to see peoples passion to make things happen. 

'Well run, the speakers had enough time to get into depth.'

'Very interesting to hear personal stories when backed up with scientific evidence.'

'This conference has been extremely thought-provoking and inspiring and has challenged the direction of my future studies.'

'I was fascinated by the Drake Music Scotland session which demonstrated how to make reading music more visual.'

'I learnt more about the importance of hearing conservation and awareness and took away the inspiration from the talented deaf musicians.

'A real value day - I'm leaving with a buzz!'

'These events are great - there should be more of them!'

'Great talk by Charles Hazlewood doing ridiculously important work in music'