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Vivaldi Project - Castaway

Vivaldi Project - Castaway Theatre 
June 2020

Extending our work on the Purcell's Twist project in 2018, NCEM and Castaway will work together again in 2020 on another recorder-based project, based on Vivaldi's Four Seasons, of which Winter is currently a Ten Pieces selected work. 

Music practitioner Jenni Cohen will engage young people in playing some of Vivaldi's Four Seasons on the Alto recorder, utilizing some of the Ten Pieces resources, bringing everyone together to play as ensemble. They will then focus on creating an original composition based on another season, inspired by Vivaldi's music and the current season.

This project will then culminate in a performance in the Summer term, details to follow. 

Why not check out this video of 'Purcell's Twist' - our last collaborative project with Castaway Theatre in 2018.