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The Cardinall’s Musick

The Quire of York Minster
Thursday 17 July 7:30pm

Adults £25.00 | Concessions £20.00 | Students £5.00  SOLD OUT 

Andrew Carwood director

Spain, Defender of the Faith: Masterpieces from the greatest Empire of the 16th century

At its height Spain was the most powerful, the most influential and the richest country in 16th-century Europe, the primary defenders of the Catholic faith in the post-Reformation world, with territories in the New World and a powerful set of alliances in Europe. Not only that, the music produced by Spanish composers at this time – colourful, expressive and intense – is some of the finest ever penned. At the head of this group sits the great Tomàs Luis de Victoria, and his music is at the heart of this programme, which includes his magnificent Missa Salve regina, several fine motets and a thrilling Magnificat, set alongside works by his contemporaries and compatriots Guerrero, Esquivel and Lobo.
Andrew Carwood is also the Director of Music at St Paul's Cathedral in London.

Victoria - Missa Salve regina
Victoria - Alma redemptoris mater [a 5]
Victoria - Ne timeas Maria

Propers for the Annunciation plainsong

Victoria - Salve regina [a 8]
Guerrero - Alma redemptoris mater
Victoria - Vadam et circuibo civitatem
Esquivel - Surge propera
Guerrero - Virgo divino nimium
Victoria - Magnificat primi toni

Presented in association with I Cervantes Manchester & Leeds and the Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs, Embassy of Spain, UK.

The Cardinalls Musick - Kyrie from the CD Missa Congratulamini mihi (Representative of the music played at the concert)