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Section 2: Renaissance and the Rebirth of Leaning

This section looks at the historical characters of Alcuin and Charlemagne.  There is an activity sheet about Alcuin's teaching techniques, and some of his mathematical problems to try.




Activity 4: Who was Charlemange?

This provides background information about Charlemagne and his kingdom.  We know quite a lot about Charlemagne from writings but there are no surviving pictures of hm drawn while he was alive.  This activity sheet gives starting points to create an 'artistic impression' of Charlemagne.

Activity 4.pdf

Fact Sheet 5: Alcuin and the Carolingian Renaissance

Although not many people have heard of Alcuin today, in Saxon times he was a very influential figure.  This fact sheet gives information aobut where Alcuin was born and educated, how he travelled in Europe and became highly respected as a teacher and scholar.

Fact Sheet 5.pdf

Activity 6: Alcuin's Mathematical Problems

Alcuin wrote many books on education.  One, Problems to Sharpen the Young, inlcuded a number of mathematical puzzles.  This activity sheet contains five of Alcuin's problems.  None of them are trick questions - you just need some simple mathematical techniques to solve them.

Activity 6.pdf