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The Power Tour 2010

The Power Tour 2010 was a collaboration between five Youth Music Action Zones from across the country to run a series of rock night platforms during national Youth Music Week (27 October to 3 November), for young talented acts selected to represent each Zone to tour to and perform. The zones were Music4U based in the Humber Region, CoMusica based in Gateshead, More Music based in Morecambe, Make Some Noise based in Staffordshire and GMMAZ based in Manchester.

The project was privileged to be supported by one of Youth Music's Ambassdors, Little Boots, a professional pop-star who donated two hit tracks to the participating bands so they could perform their own unique cover versions of as part of their set.

Music4U worked specifically with two of the Action Zones - Co Musica and More Music. To find an act to represent Music4U on The Power Tour, a series of regional 'rock night' showcase platforms for young bands to perform took place over Summer and early Autumn organised by Music4U. Young rock, indie and pop bands from across the area who had taken part in rock and band development projects run by Music4U in the past performed.

After making their way through initial heats, in which they faced stiff competition from dozens of other talented young bands, Rhodes (Humber), Cry Baby Aeroplanes (Morecambe) and The Bru (Gateshead) were selected to take part in The Power Tour final tour gig which took place during Youth Music Week in October 2010.

The tour gave these specially selected bands the opportunity to headline at three events across the North of England in Scunthorpe (27 Oct, The Base), Morecambe (28 Oct, The Hothouse) Gateshead (30 Oct, The Sage) and while also providing a platform for other local acts to perform in supporting capacities.

Every step of the way, the young bands were given valuable insights into working as professional touring musicians, not only via practical experiences but also through workshops, discussions and networking events.

The lyric-writing session, hosted by Music4U, was described by one participant as 'the best workshop-based education I have ever attended' and More Music's panel discussion with industry professionals was described as 'a colossal source of info!' The community musicians who work regularly with the bands were full of praise for the 'valuable opportunity' this project afforded the young musicians, particularly as this was their first time on tour and for most of them the first time they had performed outside of their region.

The intensity of the rehearsal and performance schedule, in particular, was an unfamiliar and demanding experience, into which all participants threw themselves with real enthusiasm. One community musician commented that the young people had coped with the tour extremely maturely and that their group work skills have improved considerably as a result.

Since The Power Tour, the bands have been putting their new-found wisdom into practice. Rhodes have thrown themselves into writing new material, having found the Power Tour so inspirational - they even composed one song in the bus on the way home from the closing night in Gateshead! The Bru are now rehearsing regularly with a community musician, developing their repertoire and performance skills and Cry Baby Aeroplanes are working on their first album and are very excited to be traveling all the way to London to record in professional studios.

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Power Tour Video Slide Show-Music by Rhodes

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Rhodes playing 'I Don't Know' live at The Base - Scunthorpe.

Cry Baby Aeroplanes playing 'Messed Up' live at The Base - Scunthorpe